ojai real estate market trends


Interestingly, while August typically reflects a downturn in new “escrows” due to family vacations and the readying for back-to-school,  this year we saw a healthy stability in sales with 34 new properties entering escrow and September followed with 39 new sales.  If October follows annual trends, it should prove fairly steady as well with perhaps just a slight dip before we enter the Holiday months of November and December when sales typically stall considerably.

We can expect to see the overall inventory dip as well in this last quarter of the year.  So, although there may be fewer home~buyers out shopping in the coming months, the benefit is that there’ll also be less competition for the sellers with their homes currently on the market.

They promise that Fall weather is just around the corner, and since we actually had 5 minutes of rain yesterday on the 1’st day of October…. we’re hoping that’s a sign of good things to come!!

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